Hello! I'm Carson Phillips, a passionate sound engineer on the brink of graduating from East Carolina University with a degree in Design and Production. My journey in Design and production began in high school and has blossomed into a career deeply rooted in theater and live performance.
Experience and Achievements During my college years
 I've worked on over 20 theater productions, ranging from intimate plays to large-scale musicals. This experience has sharpened my skills in sound design, mixing, and audio engineering, making me proficient in the latest audio technology and software, including Protools/Q-lab & Adobe Programs. My ability to collaborate effectively with directors, performers, and technicians has been key to creating immersive audio experiences.
Skills and Specializations
 I specialize in innovative sound design, tailor-made microphone Ear Pieces, leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance and innovate in multiple facets of design and production, meticulously setting up and calibrating sound equipment, And adapting quickly to technical challenges. My focus is on crafting unique soundscapes that enhance storytelling and captivate audiences.
Contact and Collaboration
 I am open to collaborations and new opportunities. Please feel free to contact me using the form below or at my email:
Thank you! I will get back to you as soon as possible!
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